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1st October - 8th October 2017

Is our next Mediterranean Jive Cruise
Our ship, the Norwegian Epic, is the 4th largest cruise liner in the world                  and highly rated by all the independent cruise critics
Many of the people who have already booked, with our group, for this trip have sailed on her before and are booked again (that must tell you something).
Apart from better prices, cruising with a large group of new dancers you have yet to meet… is so much more fun
To ensure that our ship doesn’t sail without us we are staying over, the night before we sail, in this hotel in Barcelona. (Cruise ships don’t wait for anyone, not even a group as large as ours).
Here we are holding a ‘get to know each other’ Dinner and Dance before we board our huge luxury liner the following morning. Staying in the hotel, like all the arrangements that have been made for this cruise, is optional.  However, we have secured a very good discount. For the room, three course dinner and dance, and breakfast on Sunday morning, it works out at 159.50 Euros (about £137.00) per person sharing a room.
Although not guaranteed, many rooms have fabulous views right across Barcelona.

One very nice touch is that we have negotiated all our drinks on board FREE. Now, you can’t order a bottle of Dom Perignon vintage champagne but, all regular wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks are included plus a further US$50 spending money to treat yourself to something in the ship’s many shops or even a flutter in the casino.
Our ship has over 20 restaurants and bars! (It’s a good job it also has a fully equipped gym). Dining in three of these restaurants is included in the cruise price. We have secured one of them ‘exclusively’ for our group. After dinner, on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, The Manhattan Restaurant and Ballroom (which I am advised is the best one) is all ours to Jive till we drop.

The ‘Manhattan Restaurant’ gets booked up very fast so we have already reserved 100 places for dinner on these three evenings and we will increase this number as our group grows. It’s just part of the negotiating power of a large group. We have only made reservations for the Monday, Wednesday and Friday because there is so much other nightly entertainment, and other dance venues, on this cruise that you will want to enjoy.
Where are we visiting?
Now, excursions ashore are not included in the price and some are quite expensive so, as soon as our group is as large as we think it will get (probably 150-200 of us), we will either try and negotiate discounts on the ships' excursions or we will organize our own excursions at a lower price.

Our first stop is Naples and from here we
can visit Capri, Pompeii, Sorrento or Amalfi.
Then on to Civitavecchia to visit             Rome and the Vatican
From here we sail to Livorno where you can visit Pisa and/or Florence.
Then on to Cannes, from where there is a trip to Monte Carlo.
And finally across to Palma where we can visit the famous cathedral or the stunningly beautiful Caves of Drach.
I have been asked many times why we are going to cruise in early October. Easy! The temperature in the Med is warm enough to sunbath but not so hot that trips ashore are hot and tiring. Also, much as I love children (I have three), this is not a school holiday period so the number of under 16 year olds onboard is ‘nominal’.

Rooms and prices:
Two people sharing a balcony cabin: 1,149 pounds per person (includes WIFI)
Two people sharing a Mini Suite: 1,299 pounds per person (Includes WIFI)
If you are single, I strongly suggest you ‘find a friend’ as single cabins are available but much more expensive.
On Sunday morning, after a relaxed breakfast, we board our ship. This is her in full sail.
If you are a Jiver, flying in from the UK
(or anywhere else) and are arriving on Saturday 30th September between 2pm and 5pm there will be coaches at Barcelona airport to take you to our hotel. On Sunday morning, coaches will take you to the ship and, on our return, from the ship back to the airport. These three coach connections are optional, the cost is 25 pounds in total. You need to advise Colin in advance if you require this service. It is payable when you arrive in Barcelona.
If you are on the Southern Coast of Spain, (great place to live) coaches have been booked to meet you at ten pick up points along the A7 to take you to Malaga train station. The coaches will leave from Gibraltar early on the Saturday morning 30th September. They will then be waiting at Malaga station when we return to take you back to the point where you were picked up. Please advise Colin if you require this service in advance. The cost is 25 Euros per person return, payable on the day. A further 15 Euros will cover your Barcelona coach connections between the hotel and the ship and the ship and the train station on our return to port.

Because all the best cruise liners always sail from Barcelona, transport is necessary from Malaga to Barcelona. You have two options here. Book your own return flight to Barcelona but if you fly on Sunday morning there is always the risk of a baggage handlers’ strike or delay and missing the ship (trust me, it won’t wait for you). So, we advise you fly on Saturday and join us at our hotel. (Remember: flying has a luggage weight restriction)

Alternatively you are welcome to join us on the train from Malaga, via our A7 coaches, in order to board on the Saturday morning. There is no hiding the fact that it is a long trip (5 ½ hours) but much more relaxed with beautiful scenery. It’s a chance to have a nap, eat, play cards and plan which excursions you will take in the week ahead. The return cost is 195 Euros. Although you will be paying RENFE direct early July next year (you can’t book before), please advise Colin if you are taking the train and advise RENFE that you are with JIVE CRUISERS (we have our own carriages reserved).
The only additional expenses are ‘gratuities’ at US$60 (charged by American cruise companies and NCL is an American company) and Colin’s ‘organization fee’ of 25 pounds or 30 Euros payable when you arrive in Barcelona.
We booked this cruise as soon as it was scheduled and guaranteed 100 passengers (a figure we have passed). That is why the price is so good. That said, Norwegian Cruise Line can increase their prices at any time, sometimes due to currency fluctuations. If you are going to join us, email Colin now at colin@jivecruisers.com or colin@jivespain.com and he will send you the details of our appointed cruise agent. Tell the agent that you are joining our Jive Cruise. They will require a 100 pounds deposit per person, your passport number, name on passport, date of birth and what type of cabin you have chosen. Your booking and cruise price is then secure. There is nothing more to pay until July 2017.

Cruising with over 100 new dance friends is gonna be so much more fun.
This ship and the other passengers have absolutely no idea what’s gonna hit them when we arrive....
Roll on October
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