Jive Cruisers
‘Jive Cruise’ is a group of people that enjoy dancing, we include many very experienced cruisers so, we know what to look for. We are particular about which ships we cruise on and always set out to get the best price deal possible.

               It’s amazing what discounts you can get when you book early and negotiate as a large group.

Who runs it?
The organizational work is done by Colin Gausden who has been teaching Modern Jive in Spain for 10 years, and runs Jive Spain. He spent many of his younger years working on cruise ships. The largest group booking he has arranged thus far is a group of 250 on the QE2.
He is also a professional Dance teacher & DJ and he runs ‘Jive Cruisers’ with secretarial help, because… he enjoys dancing and cruising. He is always on every cruise with support staff however…

                                                    …recognizing him is not always easy as he is a man of many faces.
Recognizing his support staff is even more difficult.
This is a picture of them.  It was taken in 1948 and… you will find they look just a little older now.
If you are joining our dance cruise group, a sense of humor will make you feel right at home!
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