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7th October - 14th October 2018


The newest and largest cruise liner in the world.
This is one super luxurious ship and whilst we have sailed the Mediterranean before…
… this cruise is all about the ship.
As soon as its sailing dates were announced, our cruise experts were unanimous that we have to be on board so, as usual, we were the first big group to book so we have got pre launch prices and we guaranteed 130 passengers to get a further group discount.
Everytime it will sail into port ‘Symphony’ will be the spectacle
that everyone will come out to see.

Royal Caribbean is the most respected cruise line in the world with 25 luxury liners in its fleet.

More choice of top quality entertainment than any other cruise liner afloat.
Casino, top shows, dancing and restaurants with every type of cuisine from around the world.

So, where are we going?

* 07 OCT BARCELONA              * 08 OCT PALMA               * 09 OCT MARSEILLES

* 10 OCT LA SPEZIA (FLORENCE/PISA)              * 11 OCT ROME

* 12 OCT NAPLES               * 13 OCT AT SEA              * 14 OCT BARCELONA

We sail from Barcelona on the 7th October. As usual, for those cruisers that would like to make use of them, we will be running coaches along the A7 in Spain to Malaga. From Malaga you can choose to fly to Barcelona or take the more leisurely train to Barcelona with no luggage restrictions. In 2017 both fights and trains ranged from 130 – 175 Euros per person return. These are booked, paid and selected by you so you can get the best price available. All coach connections are organized by Marbella Cruisers.
As we did in 2017, there is the opportunity to stay in a hotel in Barcelona, on the night of October 6th.
We do this because the ship sails on Sunday 7th and if your Sunday morning flight or train is delayed
the ship will sail without you.


We have secured: (All are for two people sharing)





I can guarantee that when these are taken, the price will rocket. We have learned this in previous years. Cruise lines are like airlines, they put the price up as they fill up and when this ship is launched it will be covered by all the news channels, worldwide.

Optional services

£ 80 PP Staying with us in the Expo Hotel in Barcelona on October 7th based on two people sharing a room.

50 Euros PP For our coach to Malaga train station (joining the coach anywhere on the A7) starting at Duquesa. Plus Barcelona coach connections from the Hotel to the ship and including, on our return, a coach from the ship to the train station and then a coach waiting at Malaga train station returning you to wherever we picked you up on the A7. (It’s almost a door to door service) This service is optional but will save you a substantial amount of money in taxi fares which are expensive in Barcelona.

40 Euros PP If you are arriving at Barcelona airport between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday 6th October our Marbella Cruiser girls will meet you and direct you to a coach to take you to the hotel, then a coach from the hotel to the ship on Sunday morning and on our return, a coach from the ship back to the airport leaving the ship at 9.30 am.

50 Euros PP And finally, and unquestionably the most important of all, Marbella Cruisers ‘organization fee’.
This covers our risk of guaranteeing over 100 passengers to get a group discount, advertising, the daily work involved in answering cruise questions, giving first time cruisers money saving tips and of course being with you all the way to ensure you have a holiday to remember.
Regrettably this is not optional and is paid when we see you next!

Now, to join our 2018 cruise just email colin@jivecruisers.com

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